DB100Sound Level Meter - integrating-averaging

DB 100 sound level meter is reliable, easy to use and in
accordance with metrology requirements. DB100 can
measure :
- Sound-pressure level
- Time averaged or equivalent continuous
sound pressure level


CTL100 Sound Checker (calibration tool):

The CTL100 gives a stable acoustic signal 90 dB at 1000Hz, automatically delivered once plugged to the sonometer. The user should write down the LA value, fast (F) or slow (S) displayed on the sound level meter. The sound level meter value and the CTL100 reference value must not exceed 90 dB ± 2dB difference.

Ships with:
Windshield, Transport case, 3 LR6-AA batteries, Calibration certificate, USB transfer cable, software

Ordering information Isoelectric focusing
Part No   Price
DB100 sound meter $775.00
CTL100 sound controller $295.00

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