*This product has been replaced by the Checkmate O2 Analyzer

Combined Carbon Dioxide and Oxygen analyzer for MAP

The Combi Check is a head space analyzer for modified atmosphere packages containing oxygen and carbon dioxide. The Combi Check can quickly analyze the head space gas and store and print out the results of this analysis.

Features of the Combi Check O2/CO2 Analyzer
  • Very easy to use - measures both Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide. 0 - 100%
  • Optional CO2 ranges of 0- 1% 0 - 3%, 0 -30% for improved accuracy. (2% FSD) of low concentration carbon dioxide applications such as respiration.
  • Built in printer and data storage
  • Automatic operation - just insert the needle
  • Different modes of operation for lab and production use
  • Progammable alarms for min .and max. gas levels
  • Statistical analysis of test results
  • Clean membrane control panel designed for food industry
  • Password protected user set up

Much more than just a Head Space Analyzer
The CombiCheck is a complete analyzer and record keeping system. The instrument stores all measured data from your packages including O2 and CO2 content and generates an out of range indication on the programmable O2 and CO2 alarm levels. In addition to this the Combi Check can prepare and print out a statistical analysis of all your test data. It can calculate averages, show the maximum and minium readings and the standard deviation for your packages.

product alarm set upMultiple Set-Up for your range of Products
You can program the Combi Check with individual alarm settings for each of your products and identify each product by name or customer or packing machine for example. The data logging function will automatically sort the measured data according to their identity.

Many Ways to Measure for Factory and Laboratory
The Combi check can be used in three different modes Spot Check which takes a measurement when the sample needle perforates the package.Continuous measurement mode which, as the name implies, means that the gas content is measured continuously with data logging at programmed intervals. And Intermittent mode where the instrument switches on and takes a measurement automatically at programmed time intervals. This mode can be used to analyze the head space over time in closed system where the head space gas is circulated through the Combi Check.

Recommended for Laboratory Work and QC records
The Combi Check is particularly suitable for research and development into modified atmosphere packaging and respiration studies. A special feature of the instrument is that it can be configured with different gas cards for the Carbon Dioxide detector. By limiting the range to 0 - 1% CO2 or 0 - 3% CO2 the accuracy of the Carbon Dioxide measurement is greatly increased. (2% of range). This is very important for respiration studies where the CO2 concentration is low. The instrument can also be configured in a 'closed circuit ' sampling system whereby the sampled head space gas is 'recirculated' into the package after analysis.

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