Checkpoint II
Portable O2 and CO2 Gas Analyzer
For quality control & record keeping of modified atmosphere packages

The Checkpoint is the only battery operated oxygen and carbon dioxide monitor for use with modified atmosphere packages and similar applications

Calibration and repair service available.
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Features of the PBI Checkpoint II combined oxygen and carbon dioxide analyzer

  • Data logging of up to 100 products with each 99 measurements per product
  • Data transfer via USB
  • Available in O2 or O2/CO2 versions
  • Long lasting lithium ion battery
  • 12 months’ calibration interval
  • Temperature compensated CO2 measurement
  • Delivered ready to use, including USB cable, PC software, charger etc.
  • Measuring time: 6 seconds
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Oxygen / Carbon Dioxide monitor
The CheckPoint II is a portable headspace analyser that gives operators and QC managers easy access to important information about the gas composition in modified atmosphere packages. In brief the CheckPoint II has data logging capabilities, the possibility to transfer data to a PC and an optional bar code scanner. T he CheckPoint II has a built-in intelligence to alert the operator to any quality problems with the gas content of the package. The CheckPoint II is ideal for small to medium volume production facilities or other situations where a portable analyser is useful.

The instrument is factory calibrated with certified gases and can be re-calibrated from atmospheric oxygen by the user. Periodic calibration with a range of oxygen concentrations is recommended. ( This service is available from Topac )

Available in these configurations:

  • CheckPoint II O2
  • CheckPoint II O2/CO2
  • CheckPoint II O2 - with built-in bar code scanner
  • CheckPoint II O2/CO2 - with built-in bar code scanner

The CheckPoint II is an easy to use headspace analyser that ensures the traceability of your modified atmosphere production - without relying on paper logs. The simple user interface ensures that line operators can easily be taught to use the CheckPoint II thus ensuring the shelf life of MAP packed products. With the optional built-in barcode scanner the traceability data of each product is easily stored together with other important information such as operator name, batch number etc. The more advanced features can be set up by the supervisor using the PC software.

General Specification of Checkpoint headspace analyzer
  Auto power off after 10 minutes
  Memory function fro 25 products, each with 99 measurements
  User Calibration- daily offset calibration to atmospheric air (20.9% O2)
Dimensions 65 x 130 x 160mm (HxWxD)
Weight 0.7 Kg
Cabinet IP53 and anodized aluminium
Power Supply  100-240 VAC, 50-60Hz, mac 20 W
Battery  7.2V Lithium Ion battery >2000 mesurements per charge
USB USB 2.0 Connector Type A
Display 3.1" monochrome backlit display
Memory Memory Function for 100 products, and with 99 measurements/product

Specifications for the Oxygen sensor
Range 0 - 100% Oxygen
Sensor electrochemical type
Sensor Accuracy better than 0.25% oxygen, better than 2% CO2
Resolution 0.1%
Sample Volume Minimum 6ml
Expected Lifetime > 2 years at O2 concentrations < 20.9%

Specifications for the Carbon Dioxide sensor
Range 0 - 100% Carbon Dioxide
Sensor Infra Red
Accuracy Oxygen
Sensor Only
3% absolute in the range 20% to 100%
2% absolute in the range 0 - 20% 
Resolution 0.1%

Ordering Information
Topac Part Number Description Price Order Online
PB 600109 Oxygen only 4,000.00 order online
PB 600111 Oxygen /CO2 6,130.00
PB 600110 O2 with built in bar code scanner 4,700.00
PB 600102 O2 / CO2 with built in bar code scanner  6,550.00
PB 260486 SmartPen, retractable needle syringe 350.00
Delivered complete with docking station for recharging and data transfer with PC software.

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