AutoFilt Z Unleaded

Filtration units are a necessary and useful complement to NIR polarimeters, since they help to avoid environmentally hazardous clarification chemicals for highly colored samples with a large amount of solids and shorten filtration times drastically.

The Fastest sample filtration for lab use. Filtration units are a complement to NIR-Polarimeters. AutoFilt Z allows easy and fast filtration of turbid and high coloured samples. The filtration time is shortened drastically, resulting in more efficient and reliable quality control. Samples are prepared without using environmentally hazardous clarification chemicals. The new generation of AutoFilt Z is even more user friendly and guarantees an absolutely safe and stable analysis. The advanced sensor and processor based system discards pre- and post-filtrate fractions and provides a high quality filtrate. First filtrate portion which can contain suspended matter and particles is discarded as well as the third filtration portion often accompanied with foam which is developed during the last phase of the filtration. Resulting high quality filtrate features constant sample volumes independent of the operator, sample viscosity and turbidity.


  • Easy handling
  • Processor based system for discarding pre- and postfiltrate
  • high quality filtrates independent from sample viscosity and turbidity
  • constant sample volume by conductivity sensors
  • detection and reporting (by LED) of error conditions
  • Filter aid recommendable


  Try these triple quartz control plates with your compatible Polarimeter

Technical details

Environmental conditions

Temperature                            10 - 40°C (50 - 104°F)


Power Supply                            100V-240VAC  47-63Hz 40W

Pressurized air                          max. 10Bar / 1.0MPa / oil free

Pressurized air tube                   Outer- Ø 6mm

Waste water tube                      Inward - Ø 16mm


Filtration pressure adjustable     max. 5Bar / 0.5MPa

Probe volume                            ca. 250ml

Sample volume                         50ml sensor controlled





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