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Hot Wire Anemometer

This product has been discontinued and replaced by the TAVM series hot wire anemometer.

Modern - Digital - Ergonomic
Rugged reliable and easy to operate the AF210  digital hot wire anemometer measures air flow in the range 20 to 199 fpm

hot wire anemometer

Features of the AF210 hot wire anemometer

  • Temperature and air velocity with a single probe
  • Replaceable  Probes
  • Smoothing function
  • Imperial and metric measurement
  • Zero function
  • Averaging over a number of points to ease flow calculation
  • zero button
  • Large backlit LCD display
AF210 Hot wire anemometer

The AF210 uses hot bead technology to measure air or gas flow in pipes or ducts in the range 0.1 m/s to 10m/s (20 to 199 fpm).
Hot wire anemometers are usually used for accurate measurements in the range 0 to 5 m/s. The AF200 pitot tube instrument is better for larger flow levels. The hot wire anemometer works by measuring the current drawn through the hot wire as a result of the cooling effect of the air flow extracting heat from the wire. The instrument maintains the wire at a fixed temperature so that as it is cooled by the air flow the current increases to maintain the temperature of the wire. The current is thus a function of the gas velocity.

When a number readings at different points around a duct are required for calculating air velocity the averaging feature can be used store and average the sequence of readings. The average is updated each time a reading is added.

Easy Zero
A built in sleeve slides over the sensor to obstruct all flow so that a zero point is easily established.

Smoothing function
The smoothing function dampens the high speed response of the thermistor sensor when placed in rapidly fluctuating air.

AF210 series  Specifications Hot Wire Anemometer
Range Flow
0.1 m/s 10.00 m/s

20.0 to 199.9 fpm
200 to 1999 fpm
±0.12 m/s ± 1% rdg (+5° to -45°C)
±0.20 m/s ± 2% rdg -20C° to +5°C & +45°C to +70°C
± 24fpm ± 1%  rdg -4 °F to +40°F
± 40 fpm ±1% rdg -4 °F to +40°F & 1123°F to 158°F
Range Temperature
-20C° to +80°C
-4 °F to +176°F
±0.5°C 0-60°C ±0.8°C elsewhere
±1°F +32°F to +86°F ±1.6°F elsewhere
Operating temperature 0 to + 50° C/ +32°F to 122 °F
operating temperature probe tip -20 to + 80° C/ -4F to 176 °F
Battery type 9V PPB3
Battery life 100 hours ( alkaline battery )
Automatic switch off after 5 minutes
Probe length 300 mm ( 12" ) plus handle
Probe Diameter 13 mm (0.5")
Dimensions 5.5" x 2.8" x 1.0" (140 x 79 x 46 mm)
Weight 8.8 oz / 250 gm
Resolution 0.01 up 19.99 mbar then auto-ranging 0.1 to 130 mbar
Accuracy (-10 to +50C) 0.2% of reading +0.2% of range + 1 digit
Ordering information Hot Wire Anemometers
This product has been replaced by the TAVM Series Hotwire Anemometer.

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