Mini Rad Vehicle Mount Radiation Detector for 
Alpha, Beta, Gamma and X- Rays

  • Designed for easy vehicle mount in
    most any vehicle
  • Instant alarm for above normal levels
  • Ideal protection for waste haulers
  • Rugged anti vibration construction
  • 1.3 cm dia scintillation detector
  • 1 Second response time

Recognizing elevated radiation levels and detecting radioactive materials has never been easier with the ultra sensitive Mini Rad-V vehicle mounted radiation detector. It takes the proven performance and reliability of the Mini Rad-D and Rad-D technology to new levels for first responders and those concerned with discovering unwanted radioactive materials. The Mini Rad-V will give the occupants of the vehicle an instantaneous alarm (< 1 second) when the radiological conditions minimally exceed normal background levels. Alhough the Mini Rad-V constantly calculates and updates the background conditions, the end-user does have the option of manually adjusting for higher than usual radiation environments. The Cesium Iodide Scintillation detector is encased and protected in a durable polymer enclosure that is designed to be impervious to even the harshest environmental conditions.
This external sensor is designed to be easily and discretey installed behind the protective grill structure of virtually any vehicle. Because the Mini Rad-V employs patented anti-vibration technology in its construction, the end user is ensured of reliable performance no matter how much punishment the vehicle is subject to.

Radiation - background notes


Detector 1.3 cm diam x 3.8 cm Cesium Iodide Scintillation detector with highsensitivity photo-multiplier tube
Calibration Automatic
Sensitivity Alarms at 55μrem/hr (~63μR/hr)
Response time 1 second
Display Large LED indicators for in-cab viewing
Alarm Loud audible alarm (with acknowledge button)
Environment -23° to 50°C (-10° to 122°F )
Operates in high RF and other harsh environments
Enclosure External Sensor Housing
Sealed waterproof and shock isolated
External sensor dimensions 245 x 140 x 95 mm (6.2" x 3.6" x 2.4")
External sensor weight 1.7lbs (0.57 kg)
Warranty 2 years


Ordering Information

MiniRadV Vehicle mount radiation detector kit complete with mounting hardware and instructions $1725.00