Hemispherical Analyzer

hemispherical analyzer

The RESOLVE120 spectrometer is used for Electron Spectrocopy for Chemical Analysis (ESCA) ; X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS), Auger electron spectroscopy (AES), ultraviolet photoelectron spectroscopy (UPS), electron loss spectroscopy (ELS) and synchrotron studies.
These surface sensitive analysis techniques are used to analyse the surface chemistry of a solid material and provide elemental composition, chemical state and electronic state information. It is routinely used to analyze elements, inorganic compounds, metal alloys, semiconductors, polymers, catalysts, glasses, ceramics, paints, corrosion, adhesion and
thin film coatings.


Features of the TX400 Twin anode X-Ray source

  • Large high transmission hemispherical analyzer - 120 mm mean radius
  • Full 180 degree deflection angle.
  • Fringe field correction by Jost electrodes.
  • Fully magnetically screened mu-metal lined vacuum housing
  • Computer controlled power supply
  • Multi element input lens
  • 6 selectable entrance slits / apertures to define area
  • Single or multi channel (5) detector options
  • Includes SPECTRA software for data aquisition and analysis.

Specification Mechanical

Mean Radius 120 mm
Deflection Angle 180 deg
lens type multi element high transmission
Entrance slits 6 sets positioned at entrance to hemispheres, used to vary analysed area at the sample (also one factor determining energy resolution)
5x10mm 2.5x10mm 1x10mm 5mmØ 2.5mmØ 1mmØ
Analysis Area The analysed area at the sample is approximately the same as the input slit size, the lens having nominal magnification of X 1
Exit Slits RESOLVE MCD5 has ‘Standard’ and ‘High’ resolution defining exit slit mechanism which is
independent of the entrance slit mechanism.
Magnetic Shielding Fully enclosed Mu-metal internal shielding of hemispheres and lens
Vacuum Housing Stainless steel
Mounting Flange DN100CF 6” / 150mm O.D. CF
( DN63CF 114mm OD CF version available )
Working Distance 40mm sample to end of lens.
Sample to Flange Adaptable to suit analysis chamber
Detector Options Single channel detector; channel electron multiplier CEM
MCD5: Five ceramic channel electron multiplier array, high dynamic range with excellent
gain characteristics, long life time and extremely low dark count rate.
Typical XPS Performance - with TX400 Mg K alpha at 300 W
Single Channel 500 Kc/s on Ag 3d5/2 at 1.0eV FWHM
Multichannel 2,500 Kc/s on Ag 3d5/2 at 1.0eV FWHM

Specifications Electronics

Control via PC interface
Electron Energy Range 0-2000
Operating modes
Constant Pass Energy (CPE) 1,2,5,10,20,50,100 eV
Constant Retard Ration (CRR 2,5,10,220,50,100 eV
Detector electronics  
Single Channel SCD Model #701 single channel pre-amp / discriminator with TTL level output to PC interface
Multi Channel MCD5: Model #705 five channel pre-amp/discriminator with TTL level outputs to PC interface

Software SPECTRA with multi-region window and FWHM window open

XPS software

More examples
XPS of Ag 3d region using RESOLVE MCD5 in mode CPE20 (Pass Energy 20eV) and TX400 X-ray source (Mg anode)

Typical XPS survey spectrum of Silver sample:
RESOLVE MCD5 Analyser using TX400 X-ray source (Mg anode)

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