Class 1 Integrating Sound Level Meter with Spectral Analysis


  • CLASS 1 with spectral Analysis
  • Noise Monitoring with sound event capture and analysis
  • Environmental noise measurement
  • Sound insulation and reclamation
  • Sound power measurements
  • Architectural acoustics
  • Analytical Software
  • Data Logging


HD2110L - 5 - V4.3INTRODUCTION L’HD2110L is an handheld integrating sound level meter performing either spectral or statistical analysis. The instrument is designed to deliver maximum performance in the analy-sis of acoustic phenomena with particular attention to regulations on environmental noise and build-ing acoustics. Attention has been paid to the possibility to adapt the instrument’s functions to the legislation and to meet the needs of its users. It’s possible to integrate the sound level meter at any time with options to extend the applications; the firmware can be updated directly by the user using the supplied NoiseStudio software. HD2110L meets type 1 specifications according to IEC 61672-1 2002 and IEC 60651 , IEC 60804 standards. Compliance with IEC 61672-1 has been verified by INRIM primary metrological Insti-tute (ref. certificate no.37035-01C). The constant percentage bandwidth filters meet the specifications of IEC 61260 Class 0 and micro-phone meets IEC 61094-4.
HD2110L is an integrating sound level meter suitable for the following applications:
•Environmental noise levels evaluation,
•noise monitoring with noise events capture and analysis,
•spectral analysis in octave bands from 16Hz to 16kHz,
•complete statistical analysis with percentile levels calculation from L1 to L99
•measurement in working environments,
•selection of Personal Protective Equipment (methods SNR, HML and OBM),
•soundproofing and acoustic reclamation,
•production quality control,
•machine noise measurement,
•building and architectural acoustics (with “Reverberation time” option).

By activating the "Third Octave" option the sound level meter also performs the following func-tions:
•third octave spectral analysis from 16Hz to 20kHz and from 14Hz to 18kHz (shifted bands),
•measurement of noise pollution with tonal components identification,
•real time evaluation of spectral components audibility, by comparing with the equal loud-ness curves,
•identification of tonal components even at the intersection of standard third octave bands.

HD2110L sound level meter can capture the noise time profile with complete freedom on the choice of time constants or frequency weightings. The sound level meter stores automatically the sound level multi-descriptor analysis as a tape recorder, with a storage capacity of more than 46 hours at the maximum temporal reso lut ion.For long-term monitoring of the noise level it’s possible to store at intervals from 1 second to 1 hour, 5 programmable parameters in parallel with full statistics and the average spectrum in oc-tave and optionally third octave bands. With its memory the HD2110L can store multi-parametric analysis and statistics at 1 minute intervals for more than 46 days. For long term monitoring it is possible to further increase the storage capacity of the analyzer using the optional HD2010MC memory card interface. This device is equipped with a 2 GB Secure Digital Memory Card.

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Model HD2110L
Standards Class1 or according to IEC 61672:2002 and Class 1 according to IEC 60651:2001 and IEC 60804:2000
Class 1 according to IEC 6160:1995
Type 1 according to ANSI S1.4-1983 and S1.43-1997
1/2" microphone MC21E 1/2" pre-polarized (0V)(free field condensor microphone. 3.15 Hz to 20kHz (compatible HD2110PEL & HD211PEWL preamps)
MC21P 1/2" polarized (200V)(free field condensor microphone. 3.5 Hz to 20kHz (compatible HD2110PL preamp)
MC22E 1/2" pre-polarized (0V)(diffuse field condensor microphone. 3.15 Hz to 12.5kHz (compatible HD2110PEL preamp)
MC22P 1/2" polarized (200V) diffuse field condensor microphone. 3.5 Hz to 12.5kHz (compatible HD2110PL preamp)
Dynamic Range 23 dBA - 143 dB peak
Linearity Range 110 dB dB
Acoustic Parameters Spl, Leq, Leql, SEL, L-EP,d, Lmax, Lmin, Lpk, Dose, Ln
Frequency Weightings Simultaneous A,C,Z (Only C and Z for Lpk)
Time weightings simultaneous FAST, SLOW, IMPULSE
Integration from 1s to 99 hours with erasing function (Back-Erase)
Spectrum Analysis Paralell real time filters complying with IEC61620 class 1 specifications
1/1 Octave band from 16 Hz to 16Khz
1/3 Octave band double digital filters from1.5hz to 20 kHz and from 14 Hz to 18kHz (shifted center frequency) ( option Hd2110.01).
FFT frp, 7 Hz to 22 kHz with variable resolutions freom 1.5 hz to 100 Hz (option HD2110.06)
Modes :average spectrum (AVR), multi-spectrum (MLT), maximum (MAX), and minimum (MIN).
Time averaging: Linear, Expoinential (Fast or Slow).
Spectral Anaysis can be A or C weighted or unweighted (LIN)
Audibility Real-time comparison of 1/3 octave spectrum (option HD2110.01) with equal loudness curves (ISO 226:2003)
Statistical Analysis

Probability distribution and percentile level calculation from L1 to L99 (Advanced data logger required PN HD2010.02)
Parameter: LFp, Leq, LQL weighted A,C,Z (Only C and Z for Lpk)
Sampling frequency: 8 samples/second
Classification: Classes of 0.5 dB

Analysis of Events Calculation of 5 freely programmable event parameters
Calculation of octave and third octave (option HD2110.01) band average spectra.
Calculation of statistical levels from L1 to L99
Event identification trigger with programmable threshold and duration filter
External and Manual Trigger
Reverberation Time Reverberation time measurement (option HS2110.04 using sound source interruption of back integration of impulse response.
Profile Data Logging 1 profile with sampling 1/8s + 3 customizable parameter profiles with 2 samples/second +5 customizable parameter profiles with 1s to 1h sampling period (reports mode)

Graphic LCD backlit display 128x64
5 numerical parameters
Profile of selected parameter with 1/8s to 1 hour
Octave band spectrum fro 16 Hz to 16 kHz
Third Octave band spectrum fro 16 Hz to 20 kHz or 14Hz to 18kHz (option HD2110.01)
Graph of sound level probability distribution 0.5db, 1dB or 2 dB classes
Graph of percentile levels L1 to L99
Narrow band spectrum analysis (FFT) from 7 Hz to 22 kHz (option HD2110.06)

Memory 8 MB internal, (1 profile for 72 hours or 46 recording days of 5 + spectra per minute.)
Input/output RS232 and USB Interfaces,
DC output
External event trigger
PC Programs

Noise Studio Basic Version included with instrument
Other modules available
NS1 workers protection- analysis of noise and vibration in the workplace according to UNI9432/2011 and ISO9612/2011
NS2 Acoustic Pollution-analysis of environmental noise- roads railways, airports. *Requires data logger option
NS4 Monitor Module - real time acquisition, synchronized audion recording, remote monitoring and data capture.
NS5 Environmetal Noise module: noise sources identification with threshold conditions. Tonality and impulsiveness evaluation. Some calculations require third octaves option
Program allows programming and measurements and calibrations with timer and performs event audio recording with programmable trigger levels.

Operating Conditions Working temperature 10-50C, 25-90%RH non condensing. IP64
Power Supply 4 Alkaline or rechargeable NImh type AA batteries or external 9-12V DC, 300mA power adapter
Dimensions and Weight 445 x 100 x 50 mm with preamplifier, 740g with batteries

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HD2110L Class 1 level sound meter kit, polarized condenser microphone, preamplifier, windscreen, Noise Studio Basic software, Carry case Calibration certificate $3800.00