Long Term Temperature Loggers
with EasyBus

  • Insitu data loggers
  • 250,000 data points
  • -50°C to +150 °C
  • High Accuracy and Stability
  • LCD Display
  • Ideal for Museums, greenhouses, medicine, frozen food and similar applications
  • 5 year battery life
  • Software included
  • EasyBus twisted pair compatible
The Easylog temperature loggers provide long term recording of critical temperature data in a wide variety of applications. There are two version of the Easylog 80 the 80k with the sensor mounted to the box or the 80KH with sensor at the end of a 1 meter cable.
Easylogs are bus capable devices via the EasyBus system. Up to 250 sensor modules can be monitored via twisted pair data lines.

Features of EasyBus

Specifications of Logger Units

Measuring Range  
  Temperature -50.0 ... +150.0 °C
Resolution at nominal temperature = 25 °C): 0.01 °C
Accuracy @ nominal temp 25°C)  
  Temperature ± 0.5 °C ± 0.017 * (T - 25 °C)
Sensor Pt1000 (2-wire), DIN cl. AA, in sensor tube made of plastic, Ø 7 mm, approx. 30 mm long, at certificate:
stainless steel tube, Ø 5 mm, approx. 60 mm long)
Display 4.5 digit LCD
Recording Time 7 years (at 15 minute interval)
Recording Interval 4 s ... 5 h, free programmable via software GSOFT 40K
Storage Capacity 250,000 data sets in 64 sequences
Interface Easybus - 3 min mini plug
Working Temperature -25 ... +60 °C
Storage Temperature -30 ... +70 °C
Battery CR 2032
Battery service life ~ 5 years (if recording interval is 15 min.)
Housing 48.5 x 48.5 x 35.5 mm (L x W x D)
Housing made of shock resistant plastic, transparent front made of polycarbonate. Splash proof, water proof IP65 ( plugs, sensor connection, are not included )

Ordering information

Model Description US $  
Easylog 80K Easylog80K with sensor mounted on the case $355.00  
Easylog 80KH Easylog 80KH with external sensor on 1 m cable $395.00
GEBW 1 Interface unit for up to 14 sensor by RS232 $140.00
GEBW 3 USB Interface to PC for 1 sensor $140.00
GSOFT40K Windows software $125.00

Connection from interface converter to sensor 1m

GEBSK-3 Connection from interface converter to sensor 3m $30.00
GEBSK-10 Connection from interface converter to sensor 10m $50.00