Isolating Signal Converter TV500/ST500


  • Isolating Signal Converter
  • Isolate and convert 0/4-20mA or 0/2-10V
  • DIN rail mounting
  • Scew terminals
  • ST500 provides floating isolated supply
  • DC or AC powered
TV500 isolating signal converter can be used to isolate and convert field signals 0/4..20 mA or 0/2..10 V DC into industry standard signals for process control systems. The ST500 provides a fully floating isolated transmitter supply.
TV500 Common Specifications
Power Supply voltage 100 -265VAC or 10.8 to 30VDC
Power Supply Frequency 47.63 hz
Power consumption <3.5 VA
Operating Temperature -10 to +60ºC
CE Conformity EN 55022, EN 60555-2, IEC 61000-4-4/5/11/13
Input current 0/4 - 20mA selectable Ri 25 Ohms
Input Voltage 0/2 to 10V DC selectable Ri ~ 40 Kohms
Span and Start Value 4mA/ 2V adjustable +/- 5%
Transmitter Supply (ST500) 24V DC Ri ~ 150 ohms, short cct ~35 mA
Current 0/4-20mA selectable max load 1Kohm
Voltage 0/2 to 10V selectable max load 15 mA short cct proof, (parallel with the current max output 5 mA)
Rise time Model 10 <20 ms 18 Hz
Model 11 <100 us 1Khz
Accuracy less than or equal to 0.2%
Enclosure Polycarbonate, DIN rail TS35
Weight 200 g
Connection Screw terminals, max 2.55 sq
IP rating Case IP30, Terminals IP20
Ordering Information
1. Select Model TV500: Signal Converter
ST500: Power Feed Converter
2. Select Range 10: inputs 0/4..20 mA and 0/2..10 V
outputs 0/4..20 mA and 0/2..10 V
11: as 10, but rise time T90 < 100 μS
3 Select Supply Voltage 0:100 -265V AC
5:10.8 to 30V AC/DC


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