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Data logging software for Consort Series of instruments
Data Logging Software
This software package is specially designed to collect and store data from the following models:
Multimeters (831, C832, 833, 834*,C835.
C731*, C732, C733*.R735.
PH Ion meters P901, P902, P903,
Conductivity meters K911, K912
Dissolved oxygen meter Z921.
pH Controller R3O5
Conductivity Controller R315, R325, 
Water Controller R335
Temperature data loggers models T851, T852.

Runs under Windows 95 or higher.
All measurements of multi-channel instruments are processed at the same time, each in its own window (except for models (831 and (731*). By selecting the model, which is connected to the computer, the software will automatically determine the maximum number of available channels.
Data is collected on-line with a programmable interval using the pre-set parameters of the connected instrument or those determined by the program(1s...24h).. 
Start Logging
By using a program-key, the data-logging will start automatically after opening the program.
Data-logging can be stopped or continued at any moment.
Data, which is stored in the internal memory of the connected instrument, can also be read and processed.
Data Table
Data is always stored in a table.
A table contains 100 to 30000 lines (programmable) of data per channel. Comments can be added to each line in a special information column. Floating memory: the last measurements are kept in memory while the oldest ones are automatically erased when the programmed maximum number is exceeded.
All data is saved in a user defined file. Just open the file to view, process or print the stored data.
The incoming data from the RS232 port can be stored immediately in a file. All measurements can be saved in TXT format which is easily transferred into spreadsheets.
Graphs are generated using automatic or user defined settings.
The number of visible values can be changed at any time.
Programmable alarm limits for each graph permit to print a report indicating when limits have been exceeded.
Shows statistics about minima, maxima, averages etc...
Communication port
COM1, COM2, COM3 or COM4 can be used which makes it possible to connect up to four instruments. In this case, the software should be installed as many times as the number of connected instruments, but in different directories, so that they can be opened separately for each instrument.
Baud rate: 300..9600 b/s.
The terminal window shows exactly how data is received through the RS232 port.
It enables the user to check for possible errors in the data transmission.
The style of each window can be set up separately.
Choose fonts, colors etc...
Documented printouts will show:
- file name.
- date and time.
- name of the operator.
- name of the company.
- name of the division.
- description of the instrument.
- serial number of the instrument.
- optional notes by the operator.
All settings are stored in a configuration file and automatically recalled when opening the program.
Special features
All functions are accessible through the menu.
Only valid options appear in the menu to eliminate set-up errors.
Special buttons, icons and short-keys allow the user to easily access the most useful functions.
The contents of each window can be transferred to other programs by using the copy function.
Tile or cascade the windows and arrange the icons fully automatically or rearrange them manually.


Ordering Information
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