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residual oxygen analyzerOn-line Oxygen Monitor
for Vacuum Packaging Machines

The PBI 9100 is an on-line oxygen monitor designed for integration into a vacuum packaging machine to monitor the residual oxygen in the die just before the package is sealed

Features of the 9100 on-line oxygen monitor

  • Monitors residual oxygen down to 0.01%
  • Integrates with packaging machine to monitor the atmosphere in the die.
  • Alarm setting for low and high oxygen
  • Memory for storing the set up for up to 10 different products
  • Alarm outputs for control of external alarms - shut down, visual and audio alarms ...
  • Sensitive zirconium sensor responds in 50 milliseconds
  • Programmable sample timing suitable for most vacuum machines
  • Built in computer interface.
  • ISO 9000 product
  • Saves the packer money by optimizing gas consumption and machine setup
Control panel
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Oxygen monitor for vacuum packaging - principle
The 9100 analyzer is an on-line oxygen monitor for use with vacuum packaging systems. The instrument works by drawing a sample of gas from the die during the vacuum (die evacuation) and gassing cycles ( gas flushing ). This sample is analyzed very quickly immediately after the 9100 schematicpackage is sealed.
     The instrument uses the packaging machines vacuum system to draw a sample from the die. The 9100 takes two signal inputs from the packaging machine, the first from the vacuum valve and the second from the gassing valve. With this information the instrument's microprocessor coordinates a sampling sequence controlling the flow of sample gas to the oxygen sensor by means of a series of solenoid valves which are a part of the 9100 system. The speed and sensitivity of the oxygen sensor used in the 9100 system means that the instrument effectively performs real time residual oxygen analysis of every package run on the machine. This information helps the packer to optimize the machine throughput, maintaining the vacuum levels and gas consumption at correct (and therefore economical ) settings.

Oxygen monitor for vacuum packaging - operation
The 9100 is made up of two modules a sensor module which is mounted close to the packaging machine die and a monitor module which contains the display and control panel. The instrument is set up and operated by means of the 5 touch key pads on the control panel. These five keys give the operator access to a series of menus for setting up the product alarms, setting up external signals for a printer or analog output and reviewing diagnostic information. Once the set up has been initialized the instrument can be operated with minimal training with couple of key strokes. The set up can be password protected by a supervisor.

Specification of the 9100 oxygen monitor
Range 0.01% - 100% Oxygen
Accuracy +/-1% of reading or 1 digit
Display 4 digit auto-ranging
Sensor proprietary zirconium sensor
Calibration Certificate provides - Valid for 12 months
Sampling Automatic sequence using system vacuum
Ambient operating temperature 0 - 45 deg C
Computer interface RS232
Alarm Outputs 3 user defined alarm relays, 1 system error relay.
Analog outputs 0/4 - 20 mA
Weight Sensor module 10.4 kg, monitor - 4.1 kg
Calibration Calibration from atmospheric oxygen (20.9%)
Dimensions Sensor module 340 x 220 x 155 mm
Dimensions Monitor module 129 x 213 x 292 mm
Power 115 or 230 Volts AC

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